What is Right for Your Kitchen

Replace Refinish or Resurface: The difference and benefits of each

We have had many homeowners in Nashville ask us the question “Do I need to replace, refinish, or resurface my kitchen countertops?”

Each one is different, and offers something different to you during a remodel or update. I will outline the differences and benefits of each so that you have a clear understanding about What is Right for Your Kitchen so you may have the ultimate benefit.

Right for Your Kitchen

Right for Your Kitchen

What’s the difference between a refinish and resurface of your kitchen countertops?

It is common for people to think of resurfacing and refinishing as the same thing. This is not the case as they do differ:

  • Refinishing is when you repair and re-coat the surface by adding more material on top of the current surface. This is done quite often with laminate kitchen countertops.
  • Resurfacing a kitchen countertop involves removing an amount of the countertop itself, either by sanding or stripping a layer off, and then adding a new surface on top of this.

These approaches are both used to extend the useful life of a kitchen countertop for around 10-15 years on average. They will not, however, do much to add brand new value to your home.

You can, however, do them both at a cost which is lower than completely replacing the kitchen countertop. You still get something which will look close to brand new, all at a savings of around 30 – 50%

Replacing your kitchen countertops

When you want to give your kitchen an all new look, there is nothing quite like adding a brand new kitchen countertop. There are a number of reasons why people will want to install a new kitchen countertop over just resurfacing or refinishing, the reasons include:

  • Needing to replace water damaged structures underneath the surface layer
  • Wanting to use a value adding material such as granite, quartz, or marble
  • A desire for a complete remodel that the current kitchen countertop material can not offer

Replacing your kitchen countertop is beneficial for those with the above three points in mind. You’ll be able to add all new value to your home, and give your kitchen an all new look.

What is right for your kitchen: Refinishing, resurfacing or replacing your kitchen countertops?

If you’re unsure of what is right to do after reading the article above, our team at Stone World are ready to answer the specific needs of your unique kitchen countertop situation. Our design team has helped many people in the Middle Tennessee area find the right option thanks to their expert knowledge.

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