Granite Countertop Edge Options

The edges of your granite countertop plays into your overall design scheme powerfully. The wrong one can completely clash with your design scheme and upset your kitchen’s harmony. There are three main types of granite countertop edges that are used in Nashville. Read on to learn more.

The three types of granite countertop edges

  1. Granite countertop edges – round edges

Round edged granite countertop designs are also called bullnose by some people in the Nashville area: You can take the cowboy off the farm, but you can be sure he’ll still find some way to mention it in the city! These granite countertop edges are some of the most diverse you’ll find. Different profiles are created by varying the radius curve and incorporating flat edges in with it.

You can use rounded granite countertop edges in most traditional European and American kitchen designs. They can also work in contemporary kitchen designs, but only if done tastefully.

  1. Granite countertop edges – square edges

You wouldn’t think that a straight line would have so many names, but this one does. You can find this being referred to as square, straight, pencil, eased and bevelled in various design schemes in Nashville.

Minimalist and contemporary kitchen designs almost require a granite countertop with a square edge. When you want a simple edge on your granite countertop, this is you go-to choice.

  1. Granite countertop edges – decorative edges

This includes a wide variety of granite countertop edges:

  • Ogee
  • French Cove
  • Dupont

These three are the most popular in the Nashville area. You will commonly find them in gourmet kitchens that want a classic Tuscan flair. French Cove granite countertops are popular amongst those who want a bit of French flair in both their kitchen design and food!

Which style of granite countertop edge will work best in your home in Nashville?

For help mixing and matching these granite countertop edge styles, contact the team at Stone World. You may find that a square countertop is better for your kitchen in one area, while a round edge is better in another. Our team will be able to help you find the best granite countertop edge for your design and for the actual needs of your kitchen.

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  1. Awesome post! There are so many types of granite edges accessible in the market. The first type is beveled edges. These types of edge that will definitely make a kitchen look very trendy.

  2. Thanks for the information about granite countertop edges. Personally, I love the idea of putting some decorative edges on my counters. Square is great, but I want something with some French flair!

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