Safe Ways to Disinfect a Marble Countertop

Marble countertops are beautiful. Full stop. They are also a bit more delicate in some ways than formica countertops. Your marble countertop can not be cleaned with bleach – an all too common disinfectant used today – but it can still be disinfected completely if you know what you’re doing.

Here are a few disinfectant cleaners that you can safely use on your marble countertop in Nashville.

Disinfectant cleaners for a marble kitchen countertop

Soap + hot water + elbow grease = a clean marble countertop

Soapy water is great at removing pathogens, and taking these pathogens off a countertop is often the best way to disinfect any surface. Since you can’t use bleach, a little bit of soap in warm water, and your own effort via elbow grease, can get the job done. Is anyone here in Nashville afraid of a little hard work? Well, maybe the musicians… 😉

Constant soap and water use will, over time, build up on your marble countertop. Stop by your local hardware store in Nashville and pick up a stone cleaner, use it around four times a week or more if the shine starts to go out.

Using vinegar, bleach and hydrogen peroxide on a marble countertop

These are all powerful disinfects, but are absolute marble countertop destroyers as they cause etching almost immediately. You’d think that vinegar, safe for your favorite BBQ sauce and tummy, would fine but that isn’t the case. It is highly acidic. For homes in Nashville with salmonella concerns, vinegar won’t even kill that. All the more reason to get it far away from your marble countertops!

The best way to disinfectant marble countertops

Most of the mold and mildew removers you’ll find in Nashville have bleach levels that will be just low enough to not cause you a worry of etching your marble countertops. They’re down nearly every kitchen aisle in every store in Nashville that carries cleaning supplies. Be sure that you’re choosing one with the lowest amount of bleach, and do a small sample before covering your marble countertop in it.

There are also marble spray cleaners specifically for a marble countertop. These can be used to help get around the soap residue build up problems as you alternate between the two.

Be sure that whichever product above you choose is left on for at least 10 minutes. You’ll never instantly kill off pathogens and germs, let the sprays have the time they need to get their job done!

Marble countertop advice

If you want to learn more about marble countertops, the team here at Stone World can help. Our customers from all across Nashville were once like you – someone in need of a little help with their marble countertop. Contact us either before or after purchase and see why we’re so popular.

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