How Granite Kitchen Countertops can Add Value to your Home

Nashville homeowners who are doing a kitchen renovation with a future home sale in mind are always wondering how much new granite kitchen countertops can add to the value of their home, or if another material would be better.

Given how popular granite kitchen countertops are in the Nashville area, it can hardly be called a poor choice to go with granite as your kitchen countertop material. But let’s look a little more in depth at the issue!

Factors that go into choosing granite kitchen countertops

If you’re considering improving your home with resale value in mind, there are two main thing to consider:

The durability of the material.
The potential for it to appeal to future homeowners in the Nashville area.

Looking at granite kitchen countertops, granite is one of the most durable of all building materials. It will last for long after you sell it to the next homeowner: a great bargaining chip during negotiations!

It’s appeal to local homeowners is well established. Granite has long been a status symbol amongst the more well off locals, but it is now a point of pride amongst your average citizens as well. Granite kitchen countertops certainly fill the need of appealing to future homeowners.

The aesthetic appeal of granite kitchen countertops

How something looks is subjective. You may love the look of the lamp in your living room, someone else may hate it and think it clashes with the rest of the home. Granite kitchen countertops win in aesthetic appeal on two fronts:

It is able to incorporate itself into a number of design ideals.
A wide cross section of the population finds it appealing.

Think about it, when was the last time someone told you that nature was ugly? Granite is a natural material with its own unique and inherent beauty.

Market values and actual increase with granite kitchen countertops

The economy is still hurting a bit. Real estate values are not at their best in the Nashville area. Even a small improvement to your home can see your home’s desirability increase.

The two most important rooms to improve for added value are kitchens and bathrooms. The biggest improvement that a kitchen can have is to the actual surface that is the point of the whole room – cooking – and granite kitchen countertops can be that improvement.

Don’t quote us exactly on this as each home is unique, but granite kitchen countertops can add an additional 25% of their cost on to your home’s value. Not only will more homeowners in Nashville want your home, but they will be willing to spend more money!

If you need more advice about installing granite kitchen countertops in your home in the Nashville area, contact the design team at Stone World today to start your kitchen renovation today!

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