Repair a Burn in a Marble Countertop

Marble countertops are beautiful, but they tend to lose some of that beauty when they are burned. Cigars, cigarettes, hairdryers left on, and curling iron are all culprits in the marble countertop burning suspect list here in the Nashville area.

Read this article to find out how to repair a burn in a marble countertop yourself, or know when to call in an expert.

Repair a burn in a marble countertop

Start with a mold or mildew remover

Use a soft brush, an old toothbrush works in a pinch, and a mold or mildew remover to remove some of the discoloration caused by the burn.

As you should know, marble countertops and bleach do not mix. Most mold or mildew removers found in stores around Nashville will not have enough bleach in them to do any damage, but enough to work on the color in the burn. Be sure that you’re using a low bleach mold or mildew remover before proceeding.

Mix together bleach and water

Start out with mixture that is almost all water. Gradually increased the bleach content until you start to notice the color of the burn disappearing. Do not start out with lots of bleach and a little water, etching will occur and you’ll still have a burn mark.

Try an etch remover paste on the marble countertop burn

Etch remover paste is specially made for polishing marble, and can bring some of the shine back to your marble countertop after using any of the above steps. It will never be like new again, but it can make it unnoticeable to all but your most nosey guests.

The etch remover paste may even help further break down the colors from the burn. Look for it in most hardware stores around Nashville.

Use sandpaper on the worst burns

Sandpaper is very aggressive, and can damage your marble countertop worse than the burn. For those with a honed finish, this may not be a big deal as all it will do is take the shine away. Honed finishes don’t have this shine. Start your sanding with an 800 grit and work your way to coarser grades if the 800 doesn’t work.

Seek professional advice if you burn your marble countertop

All of the DIY options above are nice if you’re confident in your ability to do them. For everyone else, try contacting the team here at Stone World, serving the Nashville area. A picture sent to them can help sort out your marble countertop burn, with either a DIY or professional option, and help it look great again.

Interesting Facts about Quartz Kitchen Countertops That will Benefit You

Quartz kitchen countertops are a bit of a new thing in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area. This has lead to a number of people not really understanding the facts about them. Let’s bust some myths about quartz kitchen countertops and help you understand what they’re all about.

Interesting quartz kitchen countertops facts

Great all-around surface: Quartz kitchen countertops are a non-porous material that makes it great for water resistance, and food preparation. Germs have nowhere to hide in them!

Manufactured quality, natural material: Quartz kitchen countertops are about 90 – 95% quartz, a natural material. The rest is pigments that color it, and resins that bind it. This gives you the best of both worlds as it is engineered to be strong, and comes from a natural element.

Some unique features with a consistent style: Quartz kitchen countertops are made from a natural substance, quartz, but are ultimately made in a lab. This means that you get some unique looks from differing quartz mixtures, but you know what you’re getting ahead of time as you order specific colors.

Naturally heat resistant: While you can’t go and start setting your hot pans on it all the time as extreme heat will ruin nearly anything on earth, a quartz kitchen countertops will stand up to you setting a pan down on it in an emergency where lesser materials used in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee can’t stand the heat. What’s that saying about being in the kitchen and not standing the heat…?

Wide color selections: The big reason why quartz kitchen countertops are really taking off in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area is due to the expanding color and patterning choices. Quartz kitchen countertops use to be available in a limited number of colors and patterns, that has all changed and it has changed their perception in the design world.

Installing quartz kitchen countertops in your home

If you think that your home in Mt. Juliet, or any of the surrounding Middle Tennessee area, will be better with quartz kitchen countertops, contact the design team at Stone World today. They can help you design, choose, and install your quartz kitchen countertops from start to finish.

Help! My Marble Kitchen Countertop has a Juice Stain!

What’s this? Your marble kitchen countertop has a juice stain?!? Oh no! While we all love a nice marble kitchen countertop in Nashville, there’s no getting around the fact that they do stain from time to time.

You can read this article to see how to get a juice stain out of your marble kitchen countertop, and get it back to looking more like it was the day you bought it.

Clean a juice stain off of your marble kitchen countertop

This advice works for a marble kitchen countertop with a juice stain, like orange juice, but can also work for wine, BBQ sauce, and coffee stains. Pretty much anything that stains your marble kitchen countertop darker can be drawn out by making your own baking soda poultice.

Here’s how to create your baking soda poultice to take the stain out of your marble kitchen countertop:

  1. Blot up the stain with a clean, white cloth to lift some of the stain up first.
  2. Spray water on the stain.
  3. Mix together baking soda and water until you get something that is like toothpaste.
  4. Apply the poultice to the stain.
  5. Cover this with plastic wrap and tape down the edges. You want it to stay moist.
  6. Leave it covered for around 24 hours, or longer, as it dries.
  7. Take the poultice off, repeat the steps above if the stain remains.

Other poultice cleaners for your marble kitchen countertop

If you don’t have any baking soda handy, 1 cup of unbleached flour, and 3 TBS of a gentle soap with no bleach, can also do the trick:

  1. Mix the flour and soap together until they’re like toothpaste.
  2. Apply it in a layer that is around 1/4 inch thick. Surround the stain by that same 1/4 inch on all sides.
  3. Cover the entire poultice with plastic wrap, and tape it down.
  4. Wait 24 hours, or longer, for the poultice to dry.
  5. Soap and water will clean the poultice off of your marble kitchen countertop. Repeat as needed

No one in Nashville likes having a stain on their marble kitchen countertop, but the above two points should help you out!

Marble kitchen countertop help

If you have any other questions about marble kitchen countertops, including advice on locating and purchasing them, contact the team here at Stone World. They’re heard it all when it comes to marble kitchen countertop problems in Nashville, and can help sort you out.

Safe Ways to Disinfect a Marble Countertop

Marble countertops are beautiful. Full stop. They are also a bit more delicate in some ways than formica countertops. Your marble countertop can not be cleaned with bleach – an all too common disinfectant used today – but it can still be disinfected completely if you know what you’re doing.

Here are a few disinfectant cleaners that you can safely use on your marble countertop in Nashville.

Disinfectant cleaners for a marble kitchen countertop

Soap + hot water + elbow grease = a clean marble countertop

Soapy water is great at removing pathogens, and taking these pathogens off a countertop is often the best way to disinfect any surface. Since you can’t use bleach, a little bit of soap in warm water, and your own effort via elbow grease, can get the job done. Is anyone here in Nashville afraid of a little hard work? Well, maybe the musicians… 😉

Constant soap and water use will, over time, build up on your marble countertop. Stop by your local hardware store in Nashville and pick up a stone cleaner, use it around four times a week or more if the shine starts to go out.

Using vinegar, bleach and hydrogen peroxide on a marble countertop

These are all powerful disinfects, but are absolute marble countertop destroyers as they cause etching almost immediately. You’d think that vinegar, safe for your favorite BBQ sauce and tummy, would fine but that isn’t the case. It is highly acidic. For homes in Nashville with salmonella concerns, vinegar won’t even kill that. All the more reason to get it far away from your marble countertops!

The best way to disinfectant marble countertops

Most of the mold and mildew removers you’ll find in Nashville have bleach levels that will be just low enough to not cause you a worry of etching your marble countertops. They’re down nearly every kitchen aisle in every store in Nashville that carries cleaning supplies. Be sure that you’re choosing one with the lowest amount of bleach, and do a small sample before covering your marble countertop in it.

There are also marble spray cleaners specifically for a marble countertop. These can be used to help get around the soap residue build up problems as you alternate between the two.

Be sure that whichever product above you choose is left on for at least 10 minutes. You’ll never instantly kill off pathogens and germs, let the sprays have the time they need to get their job done!

Marble countertop advice

If you want to learn more about marble countertops, the team here at Stone World can help. Our customers from all across Nashville were once like you – someone in need of a little help with their marble countertop. Contact us either before or after purchase and see why we’re so popular.

The Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are not as well known as the mighty granite around the Nashville design scene. There is, however, a growing awareness amongst homeowners all over the Middle Tennessee area, and that has lead to lots of questions coming up.

Most of these questions can be answered by looking at the pros and cons of quartz countertops, which we will do below.

The pros and cons of quartz countertops

No material that you choose for your countertops will ever be all ‘pro’ and no ‘con.’ Finding the right mix is going to determine how satisfied you are with your new countertops, homeowners in Nashville who rush to one material or another often find themselves wondering if they made the wrong choice!

Pros for quartz countertops

  • Offering the same incredible strength as granite, quartz is nearly unbreakable during regular kitchen activities. What quartz countertops offer in addition to this strength is flexibility. This makes them easier to install once they make it to your home. Easier to install countertops make for less labor costs being passed to you.
  • Quartz countertops are non-porous. This means that they will never need to be resealed. This saves you money and time during the whole lifespan of the material.
  • Their non-porous nature also leads to them being stain resistant. Dropped a glass of red wine on your white quartz countertops? No biggie, just wipe it up and they’ll still be white!

These three pros of quartz countertops should not be overlooked by Nashville area homeowners. Each will add value to your home, and make it a better place to live.

Cons for quartz countertops

It’s not all big plus signs next to the score sheet for quartz countertops. There are three main points to look at before deciding if they’re right for your home in Nashville:

  • They can discolor when exposed to direct sunlight. This takes a long time, maybe even a decade. Partial exposure can lead to part of your quartz countertops being one color, and another part a separate color.
  • Quartz countertops are even heavier than already heavy granite. They must be professionally installed, not giving you the DIY option.
  • Seams where to pieces meet will be visible. Darker quartz countertops don’t have this problem as bad, but they’re still there.

Are quartz countertops the right choice for your home in Nashville?

If you’ve made up your mind that quartz countertops are right for your home, or if you still have more questions, contact the design team at Stone World today. They’ll help you get started right away, or answer those few remaining questions.

Granite Countertop Edge Options

The edges of your granite countertop plays into your overall design scheme powerfully. The wrong one can completely clash with your design scheme and upset your kitchen’s harmony. There are three main types of granite countertop edges that are used in Nashville. Read on to learn more.

The three types of granite countertop edges

  1. Granite countertop edges – round edges

Round edged granite countertop designs are also called bullnose by some people in the Nashville area: You can take the cowboy off the farm, but you can be sure he’ll still find some way to mention it in the city! These granite countertop edges are some of the most diverse you’ll find. Different profiles are created by varying the radius curve and incorporating flat edges in with it.

You can use rounded granite countertop edges in most traditional European and American kitchen designs. They can also work in contemporary kitchen designs, but only if done tastefully.

  1. Granite countertop edges – square edges

You wouldn’t think that a straight line would have so many names, but this one does. You can find this being referred to as square, straight, pencil, eased and bevelled in various design schemes in Nashville.

Minimalist and contemporary kitchen designs almost require a granite countertop with a square edge. When you want a simple edge on your granite countertop, this is you go-to choice.

  1. Granite countertop edges – decorative edges

This includes a wide variety of granite countertop edges:

  • Ogee
  • French Cove
  • Dupont

These three are the most popular in the Nashville area. You will commonly find them in gourmet kitchens that want a classic Tuscan flair. French Cove granite countertops are popular amongst those who want a bit of French flair in both their kitchen design and food!

Which style of granite countertop edge will work best in your home in Nashville?

For help mixing and matching these granite countertop edge styles, contact the team at Stone World. You may find that a square countertop is better for your kitchen in one area, while a round edge is better in another. Our team will be able to help you find the best granite countertop edge for your design and for the actual needs of your kitchen.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Countertop Material

An important step in any kitchen remodel is choosing the right kitchen countertop material. The three most popular types of natural stone being used in the Nashville area are discussed below. Read on to discover which will be the best kitchen countertop material for your home remodel.

Choosing the best kitchen countertop materials

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

There is nothing out there that looks exactly like real marble kitchen countertops. This traditional countertop material has been used in homes all over the Nashville area for decades. Entire kitchens are done in marble, while some people also choose to use it only for their baking stations.

Marble countertops are prone to etching and staining. A lemon can etch your finish as easily as bleach, and spaghetti sauce can stain it if left uncleaned. A marble stone polish can bring back some of its first day look, but it may never be perfect again.

Quartz kitchen countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz may be the world’s most indestructible material. A quartz kitchen countertop is a lifelong investment in your home. Quartz countertops can withstand your hottest pans, your sharpest knives, and routine household kitchen activities practiced in kitchens all across Nashville with ease.

Quartz also has some incredible visual appeal as unique flaking and veining make each unique slab a work of natural art.

Quartz countertops can be a bit costly. When you look at them as something that will be around the rest of your life, unlike cheaper materials, they don’t seem so pricey then!

Granite kitchen countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite kitchen countertops have been popular in Nashville for years and only seem to be on the up and up. The stunning colors and patterns that they come in make for some unique and exciting kitchens.

They do require resealing periodically, and can stain. Neither of these are issues with quartz, but some care and good habits can negate this issue with granite countertops.

Which kitchen countertop material is right for your home in Nashville?

If you’re still unsure of which kitchen countertop material to choose for your kitchen remodel in Nashville, contact the team at Stone World. They’ve helped steer a number of residents towards the most satisfying kitchen countertop material for their needs!

How Granite Kitchen Countertops can Add Value to your Home

Nashville homeowners who are doing a kitchen renovation with a future home sale in mind are always wondering how much new granite kitchen countertops can add to the value of their home, or if another material would be better.

Given how popular granite kitchen countertops are in the Nashville area, it can hardly be called a poor choice to go with granite as your kitchen countertop material. But let’s look a little more in depth at the issue!

Factors that go into choosing granite kitchen countertops

If you’re considering improving your home with resale value in mind, there are two main thing to consider:

The durability of the material.
The potential for it to appeal to future homeowners in the Nashville area.

Looking at granite kitchen countertops, granite is one of the most durable of all building materials. It will last for long after you sell it to the next homeowner: a great bargaining chip during negotiations!

It’s appeal to local homeowners is well established. Granite has long been a status symbol amongst the more well off locals, but it is now a point of pride amongst your average citizens as well. Granite kitchen countertops certainly fill the need of appealing to future homeowners.

The aesthetic appeal of granite kitchen countertops

How something looks is subjective. You may love the look of the lamp in your living room, someone else may hate it and think it clashes with the rest of the home. Granite kitchen countertops win in aesthetic appeal on two fronts:

It is able to incorporate itself into a number of design ideals.
A wide cross section of the population finds it appealing.

Think about it, when was the last time someone told you that nature was ugly? Granite is a natural material with its own unique and inherent beauty.

Market values and actual increase with granite kitchen countertops

The economy is still hurting a bit. Real estate values are not at their best in the Nashville area. Even a small improvement to your home can see your home’s desirability increase.

The two most important rooms to improve for added value are kitchens and bathrooms. The biggest improvement that a kitchen can have is to the actual surface that is the point of the whole room – cooking – and granite kitchen countertops can be that improvement.

Don’t quote us exactly on this as each home is unique, but granite kitchen countertops can add an additional 25% of their cost on to your home’s value. Not only will more homeowners in Nashville want your home, but they will be willing to spend more money!

If you need more advice about installing granite kitchen countertops in your home in the Nashville area, contact the design team at Stone World today to start your kitchen renovation today!

Choosing Bathroom Countertop Colors

Choosing the right bathroom countertop colors for your home in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area can make all the difference in defining the space, and making it feel like an inviting room. This article will look at how bathroom countertop color selections can change a room, and which work best in which type of space.

Using dark bathroom countertop colors in a large room

Choosing dark colors for your bathroom countertop helps to define the space. Where all light colors will make the space feel undefined, dark bathroom countertops can help give the space structure.

Dark bathroom countertops are well used with contrasting cabinets or floors to further accentuate the defining of spaces. A dark grey or black bathroom countertop with white floors and pale blue cabinets clearly define each space of the room and give it weight.

Using light bathroom countertop colors in a small room

The same as dark bathroom countertops help define a room, lightly colored ones can help open up a space by not defining it further than the close walls already do. Lightly colored granite in a beige color works with nearly any design scheme.

Be careful not to go monotone as you try to go with everything lightly colored. In the case of a small bathroom you may want to go with slightly different shades of blue for the walls than the cabinets, or use a granite with light gray flecks in it to match different shades of gray on the walls, floor, and cabinets. Yellow and cream are two other popular combinations with a beige bathroom countertop in a small bathroom.

Choosing bathroom countertops to match your decoration needs

Busily patterned bathroom countertops look awful when they’re filled with lots of decorations. The two work against one another and you’re better off having a plain bathroom countertop and letting your decorations stand out.

For those with few decorating needs in the Mt. Juliet area, you can use a very well patterned bathroom countertop and have it be all the decoration you need.

Which bathroom countertop colors will work best for your home in the Mt. Juliet area?

Getting the right bathroom countertop colors is essential as they set the mood for the rest of the design to follow. If you’re having problems deciding on your bathroom countertop colors, call up the design team at Stone World for guidance.

Quite a few of your neighbors in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area have turned to the Stone World team before and had exceptional bathroom countertop color choices made for them.

High Heat Resistant Granite Countertop

Functionality for bakers in the kitchen

Have you ever been in this situation at your home in Nashville before: You’ve just finished baking something delicious in your oven, it’s right at the point where if you bake it any longer it will burn, but, horror of horrors, you don’t have anywhere to put it down without burning your kitchen countertop.

This is a situation that I found myself in just last week at my girlfriend’s apartment with her laminate kitchen countertops. There I was, with my fingers feeling way too warm, as I searched for a wood cutting board to place the hot baking dish on. It’s no secret why granite countertops are popular amongst frequent bakers: they never have to worry about where to put a dish down as granite is incredibly heat resistant.

Granite Countertop

Granite Countertop

Why you need a high heat resistant granite countertop

Lesser kitchen countertop materials, such as laminate, are prone to warping, cracking, and even melting when hot items are placed on them. My secret to cooking, which isn’t that big a secret, is “Put it in a pot and make it hot.”

The entire point of your kitchen is to make things hot so that they’re edible for your family – why shouldn’t your kitchen countertop be able to stand the heat? How does that saying go about not standing heat and getting out of the kitchen?

Why is a granite countertop so heat resistant?

Granite is a natural material which has an upper hand when it comes to heat as it is formed in the pressure and heat of volcanic activity. When you think about where it comes from there is no questioning why it is the best material for your kitchen countertop. A hot pan full of cupcakes is nothing next to liquid hot magma!

A second aspect of how it handles heat is that it doesn’t absorb heat readily through conduction. Another material that people use for heat resistance is stainless steel, the problem with a stainless steel kitchen countertop is that it will quickly heat up and burn you if you put your hand on it soon after removing the hot pan.

How to choose a granite countertop

The team here at Stone World are ready to help you choose the correct granite slab for your kitchen countertop. Contact us now, or take a look through our kitchen gallery, for design tips and ideas. We’ve helped many homeowners in Nashville, Tennessee find the high heat resistant granite countertop that meets their needs as bakers, as well as matching their design goals.