Interesting Facts about Quartz Kitchen Countertops That will Benefit You

Quartz kitchen countertops are a bit of a new thing in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area. This has lead to a number of people not really understanding the facts about them. Let’s bust some myths about quartz kitchen countertops and help you understand what they’re all about.

Interesting quartz kitchen countertops facts

Great all-around surface: Quartz kitchen countertops are a non-porous material that makes it great for water resistance, and food preparation. Germs have nowhere to hide in them!

Manufactured quality, natural material: Quartz kitchen countertops are about 90 – 95% quartz, a natural material. The rest is pigments that color it, and resins that bind it. This gives you the best of both worlds as it is engineered to be strong, and comes from a natural element.

Some unique features with a consistent style: Quartz kitchen countertops are made from a natural substance, quartz, but are ultimately made in a lab. This means that you get some unique looks from differing quartz mixtures, but you know what you’re getting ahead of time as you order specific colors.

Naturally heat resistant: While you can’t go and start setting your hot pans on it all the time as extreme heat will ruin nearly anything on earth, a quartz kitchen countertops will stand up to you setting a pan down on it in an emergency where lesser materials used in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee can’t stand the heat. What’s that saying about being in the kitchen and not standing the heat…?

Wide color selections: The big reason why quartz kitchen countertops are really taking off in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area is due to the expanding color and patterning choices. Quartz kitchen countertops use to be available in a limited number of colors and patterns, that has all changed and it has changed their perception in the design world.

Installing quartz kitchen countertops in your home

If you think that your home in Mt. Juliet, or any of the surrounding Middle Tennessee area, will be better with quartz kitchen countertops, contact the design team at Stone World today. They can help you design, choose, and install your quartz kitchen countertops from start to finish.

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