Choosing Bathroom Countertop Colors

Choosing the right bathroom countertop colors for your home in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area can make all the difference in defining the space, and making it feel like an inviting room. This article will look at how bathroom countertop color selections can change a room, and which work best in which type of space.

Using dark bathroom countertop colors in a large room

Choosing dark colors for your bathroom countertop helps to define the space. Where all light colors will make the space feel undefined, dark bathroom countertops can help give the space structure.

Dark bathroom countertops are well used with contrasting cabinets or floors to further accentuate the defining of spaces. A dark grey or black bathroom countertop with white floors and pale blue cabinets clearly define each space of the room and give it weight.

Using light bathroom countertop colors in a small room

The same as dark bathroom countertops help define a room, lightly colored ones can help open up a space by not defining it further than the close walls already do. Lightly colored granite in a beige color works with nearly any design scheme.

Be careful not to go monotone as you try to go with everything lightly colored. In the case of a small bathroom you may want to go with slightly different shades of blue for the walls than the cabinets, or use a granite with light gray flecks in it to match different shades of gray on the walls, floor, and cabinets. Yellow and cream are two other popular combinations with a beige bathroom countertop in a small bathroom.

Choosing bathroom countertops to match your decoration needs

Busily patterned bathroom countertops look awful when they’re filled with lots of decorations. The two work against one another and you’re better off having a plain bathroom countertop and letting your decorations stand out.

For those with few decorating needs in the Mt. Juliet area, you can use a very well patterned bathroom countertop and have it be all the decoration you need.

Which bathroom countertop colors will work best for your home in the Mt. Juliet area?

Getting the right bathroom countertop colors is essential as they set the mood for the rest of the design to follow. If you’re having problems deciding on your bathroom countertop colors, call up the design team at Stone World for guidance.

Quite a few of your neighbors in the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee area have turned to the Stone World team before and had exceptional bathroom countertop color choices made for them.

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