Custom Countertops in the Kitchen

The process is not as intrusive as you may think

Your kitchen is one of your most often used rooms, and is certainly the one which you want to stay clean and not have intruded upon. This leads to many people in Nashville looking for ways to cut down on the intrusiveness of a remodel of their cabinets and kitchen countertops.

I’ll give you a few tips on how you can cut down on visits to your home, while still getting an exceptional cabinet and kitchen countertop installed in your home.

Custom Countertops

Custom Countertops

Finalize your design plans and measurements before going to a designer or fabricator

Having people come over to your home to help with design plans, and to take measurements of your kitchen countertops, is a step that you can take care of yourself. Be sure that you’re taking accurate measurements of everything in your kitchen:

  • the size of your fridge, stove and other appliances
  • the desired height of your countertop and how it fits with your cooktop
  • height and placement of drain pipes and electrical outlets

You can get these measurements done yourself, and minimize the invasiveness of a kitchen countertop installation. As an added benefit, you can sit back and know that the finished kitchen you’re in was your idea and vision.

Have the cabinets and kitchen countertops built in the factory

If you dread having to clean up dirt that is tracked all over your house from workers going in and out, find a manufacturer that will have your cabinets ready-made, and will pre-cut your kitchen countertop at their facility.

There will inevitably be a few screws sunk into the walls, but the sawdust and dirt associated with building your kitchen cabinets right in your home or backyard is not something which must happen. The best kitchen countertop suppliers will also be able to cut your chosen material to size before it arrives at your home.

Choose a kitchen countertop supplier that won’t invade your home

The team here at Stone World can help you design, find, and cut your kitchen countertop in granite, marble, or quartz, without ever setting foot in your home until we deliver the finished product.

Our designers are here to help anyone in the Middle Tennessee area who are making decisions about custom countertops in the kitchen. They’ll work with you to make your custom kitchen remodel go as smoothly, quickly, and noninvasively as possible.

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