Expand Countertops to Boost Kitchens

Countertops that complement your kitchen

If your kitchen is starting to feel small and cluttered, odds are good that you need more kitchen countertop space. But what material will you use to complement your kitchen designs and color scheme when you expand?

The answer that many homeowners and kitchen renovators in Nashville come up with is stone. If you’re getting ready for a big renovation project in your kitchen, the odds are good that you want it to last. Nothing lasts and looks as great as a good stone kitchen countertop.

Expand Countertops

Expand Countertops

Which stones countertops complement a modern kitchen design?

Modern kitchen designs are the current trend. With all of that stainless steel and hard lines, what room is there for stone? Plenty! Many modern kitchen designs are perfectly complemented by a granite, marble or quartz countertop.

Granite and quartz countertops tend to be more popular as they have a wider color choice to perfectly match a monochromatic modern kitchen, but we have seen some get away with white marble countertops before.

Color choice for a granite or quartz countertop in a modern kitchen comes down to your design. Many choose stark blacks for their kitchen countertop, quartz and granite can certainly do black. Check out our own Absolute Black granite, or Dreis quartz as examples. Other tones can be used, our granite and quartz lines combine for over 110 colors!

Which stone countertops complement a country kitchen design?

The other popular kitchen design scheme in Nashville is the classic country kitchen. Stone is a natural fit in these kitchens, with a roughly finished granite being a popular choice. The name of the game here is ‘natural,’ and that’s what stone kitchen countertops are!

A perfectly smooth and glistening granite countertop is quite a pretty sight, but a slightly more roughly finished style is more common, and a better fit, for country kitchen styles. Color choices are almost always earthy, for a true fit try a more local looking stone than an exotic one.

Where to find that perfect stone countertop to complement your kitchen design

Our team here at Stone World are the go to stone kitchen countertop group in the Middle Tennessee area. Contact us today for advice on how to expand countertops to boost kitchens, or take a look through our kitchen gallery to start finding inspiration.

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